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A number of Japanese women members of critical Toru Hashimoto erroneous remarks

Women members of Japan’s parliament of different parties 28, held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan will reform the common representative requirements, Osaka City Toru Hashimoto to withdraw the « comfort women » wrong words.

The Social Democratic Party, said Fukushima Mizuho, the bridge did not withdraw the « comfort women » wrong words, but said that the media in the false alarm, which is in the sophistry. Under the bridge of the wrong words and the regime of Andouble swing on the issue of history run in the same groove. Democratic vice secretary-general Tsujimoto Kiyomi also thinks, Andouble regime’s attempt to deny the history of aggression attitude « induced » under the bridge speech.

Senator coefficient was born in Okinawa to celebrate the son said, Hashi Shita first should apologize for not the United States, but suffer from the U. s.military sexual violence victims in Okinawa. Under the bridge against the dignity of women published remarks, should step down as Osaka mayor.

The Japanese Communist Party Senator Tamura Chiko said, under the bridge negative Japanese government involved in setting up stations, is skeptical of the « comfort women ». But the fact is, the results of the investigation on the « comfort women » on the issue of the Japanese government have actual combat the Japanese government is responsible for. Under the bridge is not only in the history of speech, but also undermine the foundation of postwar Japan and South Korea and other Asian neighbors of diplomacy.

Under the pressure of public opinion, under the bridge 28, announced the cancellation of a planned trip next month.

Hashi Shimotoru 13, talk a lot of nonsense, said the « comfort women » system was necessary to maintain discipline, there is no evidence that the Japanese government or military directly take the kidnapping, stress the « comfort women » behavior. He also disclosed, suggested that the U.S. military use of Okinawa vice establishment. The bridge’s remarks were the international public opinion condemnation.

27, under the bridge in Tokyo held a press conference to apologize to the US and the United States, government advice us troops stationed in Japan using a vice establishment of speech, but rejected the « comfort women » wrong words to apologize, said « the authenticity of the comfort women » testimony to be discussed.

In 1993, the then Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawano Yohei on the « comfort women » survey results issued a statement, admit that the Japanese are directly involved in the Korean Peninsula, China, set the « comfort stations » and forced the local women as « comfort women », and apologize for that and the province. This speech is called « Kawano talk », is the Japanese government on the issue of « comfort women » official position.

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