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British records show 1845 Diaoyu need the approval of the Chinese government

According to reliable Ryukyu historical documents, the use of force in Japan annexed the Ryukyu Islands 100 years ago, the British warships to landing the Ryukyu Islands and the Diaoyu Islands, vase Lantau East China Sea coastal islands, must apply for advance through the museum in Fuzhou to Fujian buzhengsi submitted, which must be obtained prior to the Chinese government for (Ryukyu Islands China is a state) allowed only after the landing, witness history:

In 1845 June, British warships « Sha Ma Lang », starting from the eight islands of Ryukyu in the mountains of Yonaguni Island, 14 days arrive at Ishigaki island. In the evening, Captain Edward opened the charts for one mountain to heading, the navigation was designed to measure by the vase hill to Diaoyutai hydrographic column island. 15 days, they came back, Captain mistakenly believe that this is the vase hill, because according to the measurement report the captain, this place is the altitude of 363 meters, just quite and now Diaoyu Islands, while the vase elevation of only 51 meters. The next day, the ship to the yellow tail Island, the captain thought it is fishing Lantau Island, and determination of the height of 118 meters above sea level, with the yellow tail island.

The result of this measurement, by Captain Edward in detail records, published in London in 1848, this is probably the world’s first on the Diaoyu Islands a scientific survey of the island. In 1855, the British Navy according to the records made chart publishing, income « between Taiwan and Japan islands and its adjacent coast » of a book.

The British warships « Sha Ma Lang » to the eight hill and Diaoyu Island measurement about hydrology, the author in the Ryukyu first Chronicle « Yang » volume found circumstantial evidence for the ball. According to the « ball Yang » records, « Sha Ma Lang » captain for measuring things had landed on the island by consul Li Taiguo of the British Consulate General in Fuzhou and the Ryukyu Kingdom, the king of Zhongshan in Fuzhou Grand Hall officials to Fujian Chief Secretary to submit the application, grant only after to measure. The translation is as follows:

Shang Yu Wang for ten years (1844) in November 15th, stationed in Fuzhou City Product Cui temple the country consul Li Taiguo, will document a handed in Fujian retention through Wei Xuexian, forwarding its officials, the paper is as follows: Twenty-one light years in September 24th in CP, all according to the meeting for. Since the Qing emperor, the British monarch, to the interpretation of recent discord, stop it. Therefore agreed to set up a permanent peace. At the same time with a note to Ryukyu country documents, the paper clouds: »…… As to reconcile with your two-phase, safe the consul by application as wish your officials and people, but the British warships often catch the pirate, into the water, measuring local drawing, fear of your officials and people see ships fear, this special deals to diploma paper, if the officer to vegetables, both about price, fair trade, your officer people can’t stand on ceremony, this picture. »

Shang Yu Wang eleven years (1845) May the second day of the month, a foreign ship appeared in Yonaguni island Zunacun ocean, the ship down the sampan, carrying thirteen people came to the ancient Baoliang bang. The third to fifth day, five mountains everywhere tour landed, then plug in white, with a telescope to inspect the Quartet, to dusk began to junk sleep night. The sixth day, with an eleven, Chinese one, car boat ashore. When the Yonaguni island people, who had to learn Mandarin, ask the origin, according to the Chinese claim, the vessel is a vessel of Great Britain, the whole ship number two hundred.
This year (1845) « received tribute ships in Fujian when, with Chen Ying’s boat came to their Geely things, shift conference in Fujian buzhengsi » set: « this summer, Fujian Gong ship back, that Wei Xuexian will remain stationed in Fujian the British Consul Li Taiguo document a shift reported in the country, cloud: the country and their combination and metric place, etc, and the GUI Mao years (since 1843), British ships came to eight hill, Victoria Peak two island metric place. And by the British people to transfer their documents retained Wei Xuexian in Fujian, sometimes according to. The British people in the country, with Chen Benguo the truth, prepare the documents together, will stop its cruise home and island of measurement with the place, please. And the remaining Wei Xuexian in Fujian, the British cultural books, Meikai prevention officer, if not the British came to own things, Ming Fujian buzhengsi, Prudential fear the fact not symbol. So officials meeting, prepare the British people to own things, Ming Fujian buzhengsi, Fu houses have turned. »

The British Navy archives and the Ryukyu Kingdom history for China, since ancient times has the Diaoyu Islands territorial sovereignty provide the following evidence:

First, in the Japanese annexed the Ryukyu Islands, British people want to visit the Diaoyu Islands, coast to Fujian through Fuzhou prior to the Ryukyu hall Officer (i.e., the chief secretary and ask two) submitted the application documents, namely must obtain the consent of the Chinese government, rather than directly to the Ryukyu Kingdom Zhongshan Palace to submit the application, this clearly shows that the Diaoyu Islands are not « no man’s land », its sovereignty belongs to china.

Second, from the British ship captain Edward use the chart to see, the name of the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are used in Fujian dialect pronunciation of the Chinese names, visible found, naming and using these islands « original rights » should be the Chinese not japanese.

Third, the paperwork, Japan annexed the Ryukyu Islands, Ryukyu and British people all know, the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are islands of China, British people to Staten Island investigation, if not to the Chinese government for, is a violation of the law. At the same time also shows that, between the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan, does not exist « without the lord ».

Fourth, « after the sand Ma Lang », with the approval of the Chinese government on the Diaoyu Islands 39 years, namely 1884, a Japanese claims first landed on the Diaoyu Islands, the island is « desert island », and it is considered as « no man’s land », completely ignoring the history and the distortion of international law, is purely nonsense.

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