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Chelsea’s first summer signing by the German front PA 20000000 to join the official confirmation

May 31st early morning Beijing time, the Leverkusen Club General Manager Holzhuser told the media confirmed, the team Germany striker Hulle will join Chelsea in a few days, Holtzman Heuser said: « we have Chelsea and Hulle reached an agreement for the transfer, they offer for Hulle was satisfactory to us, as part of the agreement, the new the season we will be able to free rental de Brune one year, we hope that Chelsea can comply with the agreement », according to British media reports, Hulle worth up to $20000000, after the team Germany and the United States of America attended the friendlies, Hulle will fly back to London with Chelsea completing the signing of the contract.

Born in 1990 Hulle height 184cm, in 2009 became the Mainz squad for the Bundesliga, two years of Mainz career as a winger Hulle has played in 66 Bundesliga matches, scored 20 goals and 6 assists, in the summer of 2011 Leverkusen with 8000000 euro price will he acquired in 2010, when he was in the German national team completion of the first show, in two seasons in Leverkusen, Hulle in the Champions League and Europa League gradually allow Europe to know their value, in the 2012/13 season Hulle first played in 34 Bundesliga, contributed 11 goals and 7 assists, third in the Bundesliga and made the illustrious military exploits for Leverkusen.

In Mourinho back to Stamford Bridge thing has still not officially announced, Hulle snatches in Portugal crazy front became Chelsea’s first summer signing, in fact as early as a month ago, « sports world » had exclusive disclosure, Chelsea Hulle is actually Mourinho hand-picked acquisition, because 23 year-old German international is Mourinho loves wide blade, the « mirror » also reported that Abramovich, Mourinho has made out a list of « 6 people’s list », including Hulle, Manchester Gallas, spends Laney, Hulk, Falcao and ISCOR, although the final two players from the Standford bridge has been more and more far, but Hulle joined the Mourinho transformation is undoubtedly Chelsea.

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