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Asia to promote global rich amount of innovative high

According to a new report that, along with the rapid development of emerging markets in Asia to promote private wealth reached a record level, the current number of millionaires and « super-rich » has been more than at any time in the past.

The Boston Consulting Group, said the 2012 private wealth, an increase of 7.8%, up to the size of $135.5. The number of assets amounted to millions of dollars of the family reached 13800000, « super rich » family (assets greater than $100000000 the number increased to about 12000 families).

Private wealth increased in size that rapid growth in Asia, the quasi dynamic, the global economy today finally got rid of the impact of the financial crisis.

Asia (excluding Japan) is the fastest growing area. Private wealth in the region increased to $28, compared with 2011 growth rate was as high as 17%. It is expected that in the future five years, the Asian private wealth will almost double, to $48.1.

The Boston Consulting Group partner and managing director Brent Beardsley said: « with the number of millionaires and the super-rich reaching record highs, the world seems to have got rid of the financial crisis. Although there may be twists and turns, but now, with the stock market rise, sustained growth of emerging countries, the world is in recovery. »

The Boston Consulting Group is expected, the world’s richest families will accumulate more wealth faster.

The forecast, in 2017 the global wealth scale will be increased to $171.2, an increase mainly from Asia (except Japan), the developing world where wealth share to catch up with the developed world.

In 2012, the United States of America is still the richest countries, Japan ranked second, ranked third in China, Britain and Germany are tied for fourth place.

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