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C Luo 16000000 euros a year for about 5 years he hope Gonzalo Higuain leave Real Madrid

Zidane hasn’t formally as Real Madrid sporting director, but Florentino has issued to him two tasks. One is to let his lobbying joined Baer, two is to let him persuade C Luo accept contract. In C, the supplementary contract question, there is great difference reports in spain. Yesterday, « daily sports newspaper » said, C Luo still refused to renew and Real Madrid, he will move freely in 2015 after the expiration of the contract. But this « secret report » is a high-profile announcement, C Luo will soon reach an agreement with Real Madrid contract.

According to the « secret report » revealed, Real Madrid this week with C, held a summit conference. This meeting, with Real Madrid president Ramon Floren Valentino, general manager Jose Angel Sanchez, C Luo agent Mendes and C Luo private legal adviser. Although C was absent for the meeting, but he has put his future full authority to Mendes. It is reported that the meeting lasted for two hours, the problem about the C, reached a basic consensus. C, the contract will be extended to June 30, 2018, while his after-tax salary will be 13000000 euros rose to 16000000 euros.

C is willing to renew, reason is in many aspects. That Mourinho is leaving, C Luo don’t have trouble in the locker room and the coach, he and Casillas, Ramos the Spanish help core player relationship is quite good. And C, while not care about money, but every year to earn 3000000 euros is always good. The three C Luo got Florentino’s promise, position 96000000 in the dressing room with Casillas, Ramos of the two battalion Ping Ping sat. C has been that he received due attention and respect not at Real Madrid now, his position was in the team Pyramid spire.

Recently, Florentino Perez repeatedly in a public interview about C rom.. The president made it clear that, even if a team is C Luo out 1000000000 euros in damages for breach of contract, he does not intend to sell the Portugal captain. Florentino also said, he will get the highest salary to global C rom.. But C Luo contract salary is not the highest in the world, the current record is held by Eto’O, the cheetah in Anzhi annual net income of 20000000 euros.

C’s future has been basically established, Mr 96000000 finally no longer happy. In fact, just decided to renew the team left C Luo, and even began to retain his comrades. Yesterday, Real Madrid made official photos next season shirt, after the photo shoot, C Luo to Gonzalo Higuain shouted « smoker, stay, stay ». Florentino was in C Luo before, Real Madrid president heard the shouts of specially looked to the 96000000 mr.. Gonzalo Higuain used to make fun of the way of responding to C Luo: « give me the most high, otherwise I will go! » This scene, was « the penalty » reporter video mode exposure. The reason why Gonzalo Higuain make fun of to take the world’s highest paid, apparently source Yufuluolun Dino that sentence « to give C, the world’s highest salary ». Gonzalo Higuain at Real Madrid’s salary is only 3800000 euros last year, Mourinho promised him a raise to 4500000 euros, but now the madman will go, small pipe haven’t seen the new contract.

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