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Choose one of eight into one of three– analysis of 2020 Olympic candidate screening

Which projects can enter the Olympic Games in 2020? With 29 International Olympic Committee voted for the baseball and softball, squash and wrestling as the final candidate projects, the original problem 8 choose 1, reduced to 3 1.

There are 5 projects and the baseball and softball, squash and wrestling with the competition of 2020 Olympic Games a temporary sports seats, respectively, martial arts, karate, rock climbing, skiing, skating. Comprehensive factors, wrestling and squash talent showing itself will be perfectly logical and reasonable, baseball and softball are beyond all expectations.

In February this year, the International Olympic Committee executive board after several rounds of voting after the decision, will wrestling with the modern Olympic Games one of the oldest project. The news came out, causing international sport violent vibration, opposition and regret the sound of four. Russia, Iran, Japan, the United States and other traditional wrestling power jointly launched a « save the wrestling » petitions, and won many national leaders including Russian President Dmitry Putin support. From the stadium to the network of public relations, a great in strength and impetus, caused great pressure to the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge has also had to repeatedly, wrestling is not completely out, there is still a slim chance of survival «  ».

In addition to play the « emotional » brand, wrestling according to their own deficiencies are also active rectification. In the past several months, wrestling movement to make the biggest change, International Wrestling Association chairman Lalovic said, « to do ». On one hand, International Wrestling Association proposed to increase women’s project, reduce man project, in order to emphasize the balance of men and women; on the other hand, to change the rules, encourage attacking, and strive to improve the game, in order to attract more young people to participate in. This a series of reform initiatives got Rogge praise. He said: « the International Wrestling Association understand wrestling has been removed from reason, their strategy is to. Although it cannot guarantee the wrestling will stay in the Olympic Games, but for their lack of correct, this is. »

Homework to do this, also let the outside thinks generally, wrestling into the candidate list is almost anything that’s final. The final. Indeed. On the day of the International Olympic Committee Executive Board of the voting process, wrestling in the first round will get 8 votes, by more than half of executive support.

Before wrestling was removed from the Olympic Games, squash has been regarded as the most popular games in 2020 added project. The vote squash pass, also in the outside expected. Compared with other alternative project, the biggest advantage of squash is the most extensively developed, the members of the association in more than 185 countries and regions. What is more, the five continents Championships were held in squash, the global popularity of remarkable. In addition, the game of squash in the glass inside the stadium, not only is suitable for television, and construction cost is not high.

Relatively speaking, the baseball and softball breakout success, surprise people. After all, the 2005 baseball is one of the important reasons is the International Olympic Committee abandoned, not let the best players to participate in the Olympic games. While the top player in the world the United States occupation Baseball League had said, not because of the Olympic Games and the interrupt season, this quite some « confrontational ».

The breakthrough process is a « mystery ». According to foreign reports, the first round of voting the baseball and softball vote without. However, when the first breakthrough after wrestling executive committee members to vote second candidate projects, a sudden change in the situation, the baseball and softball after 5 times after the vote. The fate of the turning point is so big, also again, International Olympic Committee executive board internal entangled with various interests, the Olympic Games or projects, is a game of interests.

For China, unfortunately, Wushu into the Olympic Games to once again frustrated. Objectively speaking, although martial arts in some countries and regions to carry out well, but most of the true understanding and practicing martial arts not many people. Even in China, the martial arts movement the popularization rate is not optimistic. Statistical data of the State Sports General Administration of the first two years of the show, our learning martial arts a number of only a few percent of the total population. Wushu into the Austrian is another obstacle, the martial arts routines rules, scoring standards, entry level is not standard, there exist many problems in quantization.

And squash, karate in 2005 and 2009 two almost shortlisted for the Olympic games. This once again flushes Austria failed, its biggest failure or that, in addition to judo, Taekwondo has, Olympic Games really difficult to digest a fighting events.

Losing water skiing, rock climbing and skating, or with project popularity is not, or is too « young ».

This year in September, the 125th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee will vote in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, baseball and softball, squash and wrestling, who has the last laugh, will see. Interestingly, if wrestling « comeback » successful, International Olympic Committee intends to introduce new projects will be lost.

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