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James’s « redemption »

Relying on the third day of the « wave flow », the heat made NBA East finals 3:2 lead. From « evaporation » in the offensive end of the first half, to the third quarter dropped 16 points to take over the game, James seems to be the « Heavenly Kings Mountain battle » into their own « the redemption ».

The Pacers players Paul George in his shouted « we want to shock the world » of the heroic utterance, they did in the first half display to wrestle state. The team’s 44 points in the first half, Paul George, Hibbert and West three people to contribute 39 points.

In the heat, their return to the home in the first half show some « be sleepy straws. »: the attack rhythm is too slow, the majority to jump over. No breakthrough attack mode is unable to give rivals bring a big enough.

As the absolute core, the « big three » no offensive desire at all, especially the James. « James Huang » to receive a pass, the first thought came into his head is to kick the ball to a teammate. When not in the best position to attack teammate, so his pass without any direct threat. Chalmers became the first player to heat up, largely lies in « the attempt nothing and accomplish nothing big three ». Although James still scored 11 points, becoming the team in scoring, but most of the ball is hit in he couldn’t attack case.

« The earth person, who can stop James? » James deduced the playoffs publicity language meaning in the third Festival perfect. Jumper, three ball, breakthrough, dunk, be equal to anything that James had « full of blood resurrection ». His passing has become a breakthrough after the pass, the result is the heat of the hit rate is greatly improved. Don’t believe me, you can have a look Haslem single 10 points are how to get.

The heat is a keep in attack team, offensive firepower recovery also let the heat players pick up aggressive weight on the defensive end, most rely on the counterattack also « again ». A single 30:13, from 4 points behind the counter-ultra 13 points, for James, for « Crazy » friendly, do this one time is enough.

The Pacers did not lose fight, distal to the 5:0 forcing James only took 1 minutes and 19 seconds back. At this time, James had played the domineering, although this festival « low-key » only scored 3 points, but as long as he is on the court, his teammates will have one hundred rest assured, so have to God Haslem, only the three ball « the resurrection of Ray Alan », is a hundred percent « sequel » the percentage of Anderson, Indiana now be put in a quandary.

As the emperor star, James’s every act and every move will become the focus of attention of the outside world. The heat win, people will think he half to help teammates find feel; the heat lost, they criticized his weakness encountered a key game. Fortunately, the heat win.

Perhaps half of silence is only third day broke out, maybe the heat to achieve have a well-thought-out plan deficit in the second half, but the need to guard against the defending champion, is still difficult to quit after the opening of the slow. This game can be reversed in the second half, but perhaps the next game they may not be able to have such a good state and luck.

The Pacers have been pushed to the edge of a cliff, sixth war they will rally, and will pay more attention to every detail. Therefore, for the heat, should try to get a good start, rather than in the second half, staged a « return of the king ».

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