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U. S. media: China into the world’s largest electronic rubbish basket

A UN report published by the said, « China has become the world’s largest electronic rubbish dump ». From waste TV sets, refrigerators and air conditioners to dusty old desktop computer, electronic garbage almost everything is contained therein.

Green Peace Organization Beijing Office spokesman Ma Tianjie said: « according to the UN, electronic waste of about 70% of the world’s end up in china. »

« Most (e-waste) inbound channel is illegal, because the relevant United Nations Convention on the prohibition of the transfer of electronic waste in developed countries like the United States to China, such a country like vietnam. »

In the past 10 years, Guangdong Province Guiyu town located in China’s electronic products manufacturing area has been the focus of electronic waste, electronic waste expert here tens of thousands of dismounting from around the world.

In Guiyu, waste utilization is a a thankless task. Ma Tianjie said: « do a good job recycling is good for the environment, but if the method is not scientific, just like the Chinese e-waste, will cause great damage to the local environment. »

Those who first came to Guiyu visitors feel the air filled with a pungent smell.

Research Report, Shantou University School of medicine, a lot of Guiyu children blood lead concentrations higher than the flat ruler level, it will hinder the brain and central nervous system development.

The government limits foreign garbage entry measures did not seem to reduce the number of e-waste local.

Even if the Chinese government successfully limiting foreign garbage is smuggled into the country, the United Nations has warned, amount of e-waste is growing rapidly in China’s manufacturing.

The report said: « with the development of technology and economy, the number of electronic wastes in China has been rapid growth in manufacturing. » It quoted data display, over the past 16 years, China’s domestic TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and the computer the rapid growth in sales.

To avoid electrical production and processing of lead pollution vicious spiral, Greenpeace called for manufacturers to reduce the use of toxic chemical substances.

For consumers who love the frequent replacement of mobile phone and computer, the organization also have something to say. Ma Tianjie said: « to think of your mobile phone and those small objects are where. When you want to replace the (mobile phone) or buy a new electronic products, please be sure to want you to leave. »

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