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Chinglish: « video became popular in English Teaching in China failed or break out of an encirclement?

A reporter interviewed Zambia officials today in the popular online video, and forwarding received tens of thousands of micro-blog netizen attention. In the video, a male journalist and Zambia officials answer, netizen called « mixed dialect tone pronunciation, grammar in Chinese thinking traces », brought about the « China English » debate. Someone says, this is the rigidity of English Teaching in China, some people say, as long as communication, « Chinglish » and why?

Netizen « bridges » said: « watch the video, I suddenly on their oral confident. » Netizen « meteor shower rain » said: « the reporter an opening, world silent. But foreigners can understand, really hard for him. » Netizen « papaya milk » said: « listen to the pronunciation, I knelt, so English teacher. »

Reporter found that watch this video, video journalists were put forward three problems. The first question is « What is your view about Five BRICS Countries? » the second question is « How do you see China ‘s development in recently years »? The third question is « How do you see the relationship between China and Zambia in development », « how do you? See » become a netizen Tucao another ray point. Some Internet users questioned: « this a few word is » what do you think of Chinese « , is obviously the Chinese thinking, not with Chinese Pinyin control to learn English? »

Net friend about pronunciation and grammar are accurate tank, let a person not by Lenovo to discussion of English education in China for a long time. English is the Chinese university entrance examination subjects, but also on the compulsory subjects students enrollment examination. The expert thinks, the teaching and examination mode of English Teaching in China following a standardized, practice and application, a universal phenomenon is written ability in listening and speaking ability, the ability to deal with the exam in social communication ability.

In addition, to participate in professional and technical title evaluation, the civil servant recruitment also have an English test, English test for college and professional title evaluation must pass the « threshold », make the English teaching more towards the « administrative evaluation » the direction of evolution, a lot of people learning to more utilitarian, not in order to improve the language ability.

Netizen « positive energy come » said: « a lot of people may have four six levels of examinations, but cannot communicate, not opening. English test tools in China was soon reduced, such language learning again have what meaning? »

A Chinese students studying in the United States says to the reporter, the classroom, his knowledge of grammar is head of morals, to the United States can even sharp pointed out that foreign teacher grammatical mistakes; but in daily life, he has been unable to communicate with people’s dilemma. « I came to the United States of America cannot even communicate with others in English, English gap with actual exchange of domestic science is too large. In China, a lot of English teaching is to take the ‘instilling’, students’ learning by rote ‘exam, with the’ exam-oriented education ‘inertia about. »

During the NPC and CPPCC this year, some experts suggest, should take English as elective courses in primary and middle schools, university students should also take more pluralistic evaluation standard, let the students according to their occupation development plan to decide whether to learn english. Many netizens agree with this suggestion. To be engaged in relevant work of professional staff, thorough and standardized learning is very important, for they consider standards should be strictly. But for the English as a communication tool for people, to barrier-free communication, it has reached the destination.

So there is a part of the net friend insisted, heat transfer video English dialogue in fact can not be criticized, as long as the communication barrier, « Chinese English » is not wrong. « Language is a tool of communication, was not to compete. In daily social intercourse as long as they can mutually understand or comprehend each other to achieve communicative purposes, this is the essence of language. »

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