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During decryption Sue beauty military confrontation from the Soviet three

Since 1947 two after the beginning of the cold war, Soviet Russia and America entered a long period of military confrontation. During this period, the Soviet three big country event has shocked the world.

From Belenko for revenge

Victor Belenko was born in 1947 in the school after graduation, into the army. Belenko several applications when Gloria Mo’s flight school test pilot, have not been approved.

Since then, Belenko was transferred to the national air defense work, served as Acting Vice captain.

Belenko felt no future, just like airplane flight, by selling was the best in the world — heavy interceptor MIG -25P secret up to a sum of money, but also in retaliation for the Soviet union.

On September 6, 1976, Belenko driving the MIG -25P launch, fly to japan. The experts put the MIG -25P by removing to clarify technical secret, then, the aircraft returned to the Soviet union.

Belenko received the United States CIA a bonus, and in the United States a farm life down to conceal one’s identity.

Zuev flew out to Turkey

In May 20, 1989, pilot Alexander Zuev driving equipment to weeks of MIG -29 fighter aircraft from the Soviet Union tskhakaya from landing airport, an airport in Turkey.

Zuev was not a dissident. He thought of a test pilot school, failed to do so. Battered he began to leave troops, fooling around with other women, because of criticism and a grudge.

In 1989 May, he pretended to sleep, bought a lot of sleeping pills. 19 days later, he put all the sleeping pills into powder into cakes, excuse please eat cake.

In many people in the Zuyefu cut off contact with the outside world, the telephone line, and the MIG -29 fly.

The United States military secrets to extract, providing political asylum to Zuev.

« Warning » warships flee eventually stop

Valery Sablin is the Baltic Fleet « warning » large-scale anti-submarine, political vice captain. He thinks, the Soviet bureaucracy has made countries deviate from the direction, is determined to launch a « revolution » to seize ships, warships to the seas Lenin outside, and then fled to sweden.

In November 6, 1975, « warning » to Latvia to join with the Republic capital maintenance. In November 8th 19, abnormal sabourin lied about the ship, when captain walked together to the warship underwater parts, all of a sudden he closed the hatch, the captain and crew in isolation.

Two fifty on November 9th, « warning » out of the Gulf of Riga, high speed into the Baltic sea.

The Soviet military authorities will report to Moscow Kremlin, Brezhnev personally issued a warrant: « sunk it! » Finally, the « warning » border waters in Sweden and the Soviet Union, was hit by a bomb, the rudder jammed.

At this time, 30 sailors who opposed to rescue the trapped officers and captain. In the battle, sabourin was wounded, who was stopped.

In July 13, 1976, sabourin of treason and sentenced to death.

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