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The Pacers God tower apology alliance 75000 huge fines for improper remarks

June 3rd Beijing time yesterday, the Indiana Pacers guard their own home, will be in Miami heat of the Eastern Conference finals into the seventh battle of life and death. After yesterday to win the game, the Pacers Roy Hibbert at a news conference with a startling words, he is accosted the journalists didn’t pay attention to the Pacers, then on to use a gay words Lebron James last foul. Today, the official website of Hibbert issued a statement in the Pacers, publicly apologized for his behavior.

« To say sorry to all the people who can I want to win after yesterday said at a news conference, » Hibbert wrote in a statement, « the heat is always very worthy of respect for the team, very sorry to comment on them when I used a should not appear in public slang. I must apologize for those who are attacking people, the fans and the Pacers, I very much regret choosing some wrong words in yesterday now. »

In yesterday’s competition, Hibbert played 42 minutes, scored 24 points and 11 rebounds data, a crucial victory scored for pedestrians. After the game, excitement he became the press conference of the protagonist, something that a lot of people to know him. When talking about why I only ranked tenth in the best defensive player, referendum, he told reporters bluntly « for you this season that son of a bitch didn’t watch us play, this is the truth, ».

Officials at NBA this morning announced Hibbert on the punishment decision, a huge $75000 fine for him. In this regard, NBA Commissioner David Stern said: « Hibbert has apologised for his actions, but the union decided to fine him. It is necessary to do fine, we must strengthen the awareness of the players, let them know that aggressive like Hibbert’s comments are not tolerated. »

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