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The reproduction of « dream dancing » Hibbert « grow up »

Near the free throw line turned back after dunk, a breakthrough into the penalty area layup, these actions are not from a perimeter player, but height walk 2 meters 18 centre-forward Hibbert in NBA the eastern finals sixth war play a « miniature dream dance ».

This series before the start, all clear pedestrian’s advantage in the post. Is nearly 2 meters in height and 2 Hibbert and midfielder West, no one doubts that two people can set off a new round of heat waves in the area. But people did not expect, Hibbert in the heat inside the roost, and not using height and arm span on the edge, it is more often show, is nimble footsteps and clever mind.

In the second, Hibbert will use action proved « play brilliantly by the body more depending on the brain » this sentence in the. A layup by James after be close by. From behind cover off, Hibbert second times in the same situation, he can predict that James would « trick », fake the James point after the easy basket. Two people can not step into the same river, this assertion philosopher Heraclitus put upon Hibbert as « have proved effective every time ».

In the sixth war against the abyss, Hibbert is being staged inside the « dream »: turn back breakthrough dunk, point three defender layup, layup continuously make fake. Such a scene can not help reminiscent of the eighty or ninety’s of the last century the footsteps of agile and is called the « dream » in the hall of Fame star, former Rockets center Olajuwon. Olajuwon (2 m 13) higher than 5 cm Hibbert, can do so « Ecstasy » action, the technical level is more against the background of Hibbert’s wisdom and aura.

In the face of the eagle, averaging 14.7 points; the face of Nicks, averaging 13.3 points and 10.3 rebounds; face the heat, field data rose to 22.8 points and 10.8 rebounds, have the dedication to « 20 + 10″ data in the four games in six games. In the alliance the tall center increasingly rare in the background, Hibbert was « the age of dinosaurs » this title. If the regular season, Hibbert is the only « Drake », so after three rounds of the playoffs harden, Hibbert has escalated into a very ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. «  ».

The finals in sight, who can’t afford to lose « snatches seven » war, if Hibbert’s performance is still hot, for looking after a lapse of 13 years after the Finals again Indiana people, this may be slowly into reality.

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