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The Spurs called NBA’s most successful team in twenty-first Century

Despite owning only four NBA championship trophy 16 times, 17 times as much as the Celtics and Lakers, as well as the Bulls six crowns and honor, but the 13 season in twenty-first Century has been opened, the Spurs can be rated as the most successful NBA team.

Entering the new century, the Spurs have 13 consecutive season into the playoffs, NBA is the only one of twenty-first Century each season into the playoffs. The result, the Spurs also wonderful and beautiful, three times to enter the finals, and have successfully won the championship, and another three in the Western Conference finals, four times in the Western Conference semifinals. 27 days to complete the sweep the Grizzlies, the Spurs in the 13 season of the new century has fourth times into the finals.

In twenty-first Century the last 13 seasons with the Spurs, the team competition can only lakers. The Lakers in the past 13 seasons, a total of 12 times in the playoffs, only more than the Spurs. But the Lakers six times to enter the finals, and won four championship. From the total number of titles, the Lakers over the Spurs, therefore said the Spurs are the new century the greatest team may have been controversial, but the overall stability and price point of view, the Spurs can be the most successful team in the NBA, and the Spurs finals 100% success rate, their this season is expected to win the new century fourth crown, only short board filled with Lakers contrast. In 13 playoff experience spurs, two out of the first round of the playoffs, 12 times, three times out of the first round of.

Another sign of the most successful is recognized the Spurs team from the ball will not have the city of Sanantonio, the Lakers, Celtics, Nicks and the Bulls big background, it is an example of a penny to do great things. From the input-output ratio, the spurs more worthy of NBA the best team. Total wages of this season with the Spurs nearly $68000000, NBA ranked twelfth, while the total wages of the Lakers’ long-term alliance first, this season more than $99000000, exceeding the Spurs nearly 1/3; the spurs the best weapon Parke + Duncan pay only $22000000, against the Lakers to Kobe’s $28000000. A miniature of new century spending the contrast is two teams this season, the Lakers have been pursuing for high input high output, while the Spurs in the practical and economic principles, focus more on efficiency. In contrast, the Lakers only a little performance advantage in front of all of a sudden become intense darkness without light spurs. The Spurs in the past 13 seasons, with 12 regular season, the top three.

The Spurs why can be so successful?

First of all thanks to the San Antonio Spurs coach Popovich legend. The United States Air Force was Popovich in 1997 began coaching the San Antonio Spurs, a total of four times, lift the Obrien trophy. Popovich’s style of tough, managing strictly, he will be a strict style of work to bring the Spurs, asked the players to strictly implement the tactics, creating a solid defensive, not allowed to arbitrarily and senseless. In his 15 season at Spurs, the Spurs – into the playoffs, he is undoubtedly successful helm.

Stability the Spurs success also stems from the lineup. The 2003 season Parke + Duncan + Ginobili building « GDP », is still the Spurs backbone. After Boston’s big three of combined collapse, when we sigh, Garnett and Pearce « old » has been unable to support the green army, we are surprised by the Trident combination structure of 10 years seems to have never lost youth and vitality. Although this season Ginobili’s performance is not outstanding, but against the warriors in the first field in double overtime battle, the Argentine’s stunning three shots can still show « , » color. Duncan of 37 years old is old but vigorous, so old players still into the first team this season, a feat.

See the Spurs success, can not help but admire the magic of Popovich. Recently two seasons, Duncan Povey arrangement wave playing time decreased obviously, very good maintenance of the veteran health and fitness. Had Popovich’s protection, Duncan can achieve « good steel is used on edge » a much-told story. Swept Memphis Grizzlies overtime, Duncan almost rely on the power of their own, two times to help the Spurs win, the achievements of the « overtime king » reputation. Popovich is also a be able to perform wonders of the master, the Spurs in the sustained and stable new century journey, the Spurs rely on not only GDP, a little-known small characters, in Popovich’s enlightenment is sublimated. Retired Bowen is portrayed as a defensive specialist and bottom three projectors, little-known young Danny Green, Leonard and Neal are the Spurs of fresh blood, it is they fill the veteran free playing time, and total wages of three people only 6000000 dollars. The seemingly clumsy big split and shooting very irregular Bonner as the Spurs thorn, can contribute in the Spurs needed, it had to let people praised Popovich’s brilliant and magical.

The Spurs success also depends on the stable line-up, first coach Popovich since 1997 in San Antonio, has taught so far; Duncan, Parke and Ginobili joined the Spurs in 1997, 2001 and 2002 respectively, the three always devoted himself to the team, the players and the coach have excellent interpretation of loyalty and devotion. Legendary coach GDP to build the Spurs backbone, a stable lineup grinding out of the team mature tactical cooperation, trust and understanding. At the same time, the Spurs are not immutable and frozen team, pay attention to the role players to supplement and new building.

In the new century and the first 13 months of the season, the Spurs success into the skills, tactics, discipline, management, management and team cooperation and other aspects of knowledge, the Spurs will undoubtedly is a model of successful operation of sports club and masterpieces.

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