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Mourinho: Chelsea may refuse the world work back to Italy just as the coach of inter

Mourinho back to Chelsea’s soon to become the focus of media attention, in the Chelsea official website released the latest in an interview, Mourinho expressed his hope to return to Chelsea deep feelings.

Mourinho said: « don’t Heynckes said never to go back, the three time he coached the Bayern, third times won three trophies. So don’t say that to haiyinkesi, unless you want to and I said I would have to leave again, and then the third time at Chelsea, it sounds like the football myth. I think the club is very understanding I, I also know the club. I don’t think it will have a negative effect on my work, which should promote rather than hinder. This will help us to do better, and not the other. »

Mourinho added: « from the point of view of my feelings, I felt I was home. Here is my shelter, I lost a game in that never, this is my field, my dressing room, this is Cobain, my office, office with the same form. But from a professional point of view, each new team have no difference, I have the same ambitions, I don’t want people to think for me here is very comfortable, it would be very difficult, but it is what I want. »

Mourinho once again expressed his joy to return to Chelsea: « if one day return to Italy (coach) I am going to Inter, I don’t want to fight against Inter, I don’t want to go to AC Milan, do not want to have a day to fight the tens of thousands of people willing to die for me. England coach Chelsea coach but not such a thing, is only possible in Chelsea doesn’t want me to teach. If Chelsea doesn’t want me, I’m a occupation coach, I have to teach other places to go. But when I want to leave Real Madrid, want to go back to England, Chelsea waiting for me, I only have a decision to make. »

Chelsea points out, this is a rare summer, a lot of the Premier League’s top coach replaced the position, but other vacancies could not influence the decision of Mourinho.

Mourinho also revealed he will know that Ferguson is going to retire a few months ago, but he said he was a friend of Ferguson as he said the secret, but Mourinho told Ferguson himself in England want to coach Chelsea, Mourinho added: « I told him (Ferguson), to Chelsea I would reject all jobs in the world, Chelsea and I have a good relationship, we’ve kept in touch, sometimes directly linked to Mr. Abu and others from the board of directors and Abu close people. I think now is back, in my heart is very clear, I think it is so to Chelsea. But we are very calm, very relaxed, until that moment. I think this is good timing. I want to leave Madrid, Chelsea knew that Benitez wouldn’t stay, so they have to find a new boss, and I learned a long time ago that I have to find a new club.

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